Become a Coffee Aficionado

Montréal, Canada

Up to6 People
Age restriction17 +

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My name is Cappuccino Boy and I have been so lucky to find my passion in life early on. I own and work in a cafe here in Montreal and have helped many other cafe owners have the tools they need to start their dream project. I feel so grateful that I get to share my passion with every person who comes through my doors and I hope to have the chance to put the magic in your hands and let you taste some inspiring coffees!


Join me at the judges' table for a coffee experience that will certainly pique your curiosity. Each week I will be presenting the best coffee in Montreal to you in the format of the World Barista Championships. I will be using local, Canadian and international roasters to bring you the absolute best coffee I could find. Each judge will receive one espresso, one cappuccino, one of my signature drinks, the 'Magic' as well as a bag of that delicious coffee to make at home after the event. Don't worry about having the sharpest pallette in the world, there is a small questionnaire to guide your tastebuds as you get to enjoy some of the finest coffees in the world. After the three courses, there will be a short Q & A period when we can ask questions on best brewing practices, coffee culture, and everything in between.

What's included

  • 1 x espresso
  • 1 x cappuccino
  • 1 x signature drink
  • 1 x bag of specialty coffee