#35mm Walkthrough With Professional Photographer

Montréal, Canada


Up to2 People

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I'm 23 years old and originally from Toronto! Currently finishing my undergrad at Concordia in Fine Arts. I'm passionate about music, art, food...pretty basic but it makes me happy. Im currently the in house photographer at Dime MTL and work for a handful of clients on the side. I've been a professional photographer for about 4 years now and have many stories to go along with each brand i've worked with...ask me about them! I'm Always down for a great conversation.


We will meet in front of the Notre Dame Basilica and start by introducing ourselves and our past experience with film or with cameras in general. We will go over all the basic components of the camera including aperture, ISO, and shutter speed and load our film! Once you are comfortable holding the camera we will start our walk through the Old Port through the lense of a photographer (no pun intended). Along the way we will stop and shoot different scenes, while discussing composition and depth of field in relation to framing your image. Finishing with a quick look into portrait photography we will loop back to our original meeting point and you will hand over your film to be developed and scanned so you have the images forever! You will have you images within the week to see all the progress you've made in the world of film! *Cameras and film for the day are provided but you are encouraged to bring your own 35mm camera if you have one*

What's included

  • 35mm Camera
  • Film for the day
  • Developped pictures

What to bring

  • Your own 35mm camera (if you have your own)